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Pattaya is full of international visitors and expats, fun and informative videos about. With its many Go-Go bars, nightclubs, beer bars and sexy Thai girls Pattaya is a city that never sleeps with a wild and crazy nightlife.

Walking street has a lot of go-go bars but also beer bars which are not as overt. It also has many good seafood restaurants and some night clubs. In the many side sois are other offerings such as jazz clubs. In the Sois along Beach road you can find many pubs also. Places to hang out, play pool, and flirt if that’s your thing. Otherwise not sure what “wild” means for you that you say you like. Yes there are women everywhere but they don’t bother you if you don’t want to be bothered. You can just sit in an open air bar; enjoy people watching and a cold brew. There is sports bars wit big screen TVs also of course. Patatya and Walking Street will only get as wild as you want it to be. It’s up to you.


Thailand has promised to eradicate its notorious sex tourism industry as it attempts to reinvent itself as a female-friendly travel destination.

The country’s first female tourism minister, made the pledge following a series of police raids on Thai brothels last month, amid concerns over human trafficking and underage sex workers.

“Tourists don’t come to Thailand for such a thing. They come here for our beautiful culture.”

Centers such as Bangkok(Pat pong, nana plaza, and the red light district), Pattaya often identified as primary tourist “prostitution zones”, with hat hai and other Malaysian border cities catering to Malaysians. In Bangkok, the so-called Ratchadaphisek entertainment district, running along features several large entertainment venues which include sexual massage. Prostitution takes place in a number of different types of venues, including brothels, hotels, massage parlors, restaurants, saunas, hostess bars, go-go bars and “beer bars”. In some bars there are women who, in addition to singing and playing traditional Thai music, sometimes engage in prostitution. Many other service sector workers offer sexual services as a sideline. Straightforward brothels, which offer no services aside from sex, represent the lower end of the market. These are most common outside Bangkok, serving low-income Thai men.

Thailand often calls “the country of smiles”. There live hospitable and cheerful people who are always glad to meet tourists. Thailand is famous all over the world, because of the unrepeatable nature, beautiful beaches, ancient pagodas, lonely islands and improbably low prices.



So, admirers of nightlife, can perfectly have a rest in the country of harmony – Thailand, namely in Pattaya, because Pattaya is the center of entertainments of Thailand. Bulk who goes to Pattaya are lonely persons, they look for adventures and Asian exotic on reasonable prices.

With approach of twilight in Pattaya a large number usual bars and «Go-go» bars, sex clubs and massage salons opens. The city of Pattaya turns into one big carnival where the beer’s river flows, music plays and smells as the most various dishes and delicacies!

At full safety at any time, fans of nightlife in Pataya can at last cease to look back at suspicious strangers, and without thinking can to come into a quiet bar or restaurant, having completely relaxed to have fun, having forgotten about all cares and the problems left at home!

In each bar, there are girls and for $20-50 it is possible to invite one of them to spend evening or the whole night. It is enough if client’s eyes stayed on one of them a few seconds; she will approach at once to him for conversation or for continue evening in other place.

«Go-go» bars are closed spaces with a towering dance floor on which, near, on a pole, dance some girls, periodically changing each other, which their main clothes are narrow strip on hips. An essence of these institutions is very simple. This go-go bars attract missing tourist, wishing to spend time in the company of one of local beauties, has possibility, slowly, drinking beer to choose one of girls rising on podium every 30 minutes. After easy dance girls go down in a hall where tourists can talk with the pleasant native and define joint plans for this evening.

Strip – clubs offer sex shows of the most various directions and genres. Such impressive performance usually take place on the second floors of bars, in the small concert type blacked-out rooms with a towering scene on the one hand of a hall and several rows of seats on another. During the strip – shows you can receive great delight looking at unusual possibilities of Asian women, plastic and beauty of a female body.


Phuket Bar Girls

In Thailand programs are, as a rule, deprived of any interesting scenario or the thought-over colorful show. For people how are interested not only in sex with exotic girls, and prefer colorful musical show, we recommend to visit very popular and not only in Thailand strip show of transsexuals in Alkazar, Pattaya. There you can see fantastically beautiful suits, interesting music and perfect dancing numbers. These shows don`t concede well-known Moulin Rouge and Lido in Paris! After representation you can make photo with the most unusual women of Thailand. The cost of this service is about 50-100 Thai Baht.

In Pattaya we recommend first of all to stroll down the main foot street: Walking Street.

Walking Street it is simple violence of entertainments of every possible types: here and barkers of bars and disco, sellers of pictures, conjurers and actors, representatives of the most ancient profession of the woman and man.

The temptation world with the most beautiful and seductive girls can be found in a beam strip club of Pattaya “Moulin Rouge”.

In the smartest strip club of Thailand it is possible to take pleasure looking at topless show of the highest class performed by the European girls. The remarkable cocktails, cold beer, wine and champagne wait for you in a bar. The cozy interior of club will ship you in the luxury and pleasure atmosphere. Here the most exacting wishes of guests are satisfied. Here private dances with a full striptease in cozy rooms of club, an escort of girls and other services from «Crazy menu» are available.

For V.I.P guests there are special offers: walks on the yacht, the organization of parties, bachelor parties and other pleasure actions in the company with girls.

If you want to distract completely from problems and cares, to plunge into the sex and permissiveness atmosphere, to receive many positive emotions, you should visit Thailand.

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