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Pattaya, a beautiful city of Thailand to explore but do you know that it is more famous for its naughty nightlife? The Pattaya nightlife is not just famous in Thailand but around the world because of the stories we listened from our friends who visitors to Pattaya and enjoyed the nightlife in Pattaya. Whether you are a straight guy or a gay guy, Pattaya has so much to offer you in terms of naughty nightlife.

Unlike bars in other parts of the world, the bars in Pattaya are not only famous for the drinks, dance floor or even the live music but they are famous for the Pattaya girls which can easily go with you with your bedroom by taking few bucks. In short, finding sex in Pattaya isn’t difficult but to do this, you must have some basic knowledge about the places where you must visit to get the girls and the rules of the bars to take the girl to your hotel room.

To help you to enjoy the Pattaya nightlife, I bring this article in which I will try my best to help you to enjoy the nightlife in Pattaya without getting scammed by the locals, escort companies or even by the bar management.


How much money do you need?

Thailand is a cheap country; especially sex is very cheap here as compared to countries like USA, Canada, and the UK. So, you don’t need to have a lot of money to . Even the bars in Pattaya offer the good quality and verity of drinks at cheap rates. You can easily enjoy the whole night with the girl of your choice, dance, drink, food and music in less than $150. But if you are good in bargaining then you can easily save the money.

Phuket Bar Girls
Pattaya Bar Girls

Areas to enjoy the nightlife

It is true that finding Pattaya girls for sex in Pattaya is easy but it does not mean that you can have them everywhere on every road of the city. There are specific points for this purpose. Knowing about these nightlife areas in advance is very important. Even the bars which are located far away from these areas may not offer you things which you wish for. So make sure that you visit only nightlife areas of the city.

The popular areas to enjoy the nightlife in Pattaya include the walking street. You can ask the taxi driver to take you to the walking street. Once you step in, you will automatically understand that what you need to do there because the whole road is full with the world best bars, clubs, strip clubs, go-go bars, and sex clubs etc.

The other place to enjoy nightlife is Beach road or 2nd road. Like Walking Street, there are not much bars or clubs but still have enough to enjoy the whole night. The clubs at these roads are bit expensive but in return, you will get extraordinary from the drink to the girls.


Soi Buakhao is the second most popular place to enjoy the nightlife in Pattaya. As compared to walking street, there are more expats at Soi Buakhao. There are more than 100 mini bars in this area including restaurants and cafe. The bars in this area get opened early in the evening and stay opened till late night. For expats, there are not just girls from Pattaya but also from the nearby countries like Philippines, Indonesia, India, and Russia etc.


How to get the girl in Pattaya

There is no hard and fast rule to get Pattaya girls for sex. Actually, there are several options available for this. The easiest way to contact the local escort companies, they are cheap but you don’t know that what type of girl you will receive in return. The second and popular way to get girls in Pattaya is to enter in the bars (especially the go-go bar). One by one, the girls come on the dance floor to perform. You can offer the lady drink to the girl of your choice which allows you to touch at any part of the girl.

Phuket Bar Girls
Pattaya Bar Girls

You can then ask for the early leaving with the girl to your hotel room by paying the bar fine to the manager. The price of bar fine will differ from bar to bar on the basis of many factors including the age of the girls which you want to take to your hotel room to enjoy the Pattaya nightlife.


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