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Pattaya City Nightlife

Pattaya Thailand is a world-famous nightlife scene. No one mentions the city without thinking of the Walking Street or the bright glare of the neon signs for discos, clubs, go-go bars, bars, massage parlors or other types of nocturnal entertainment. The city is only two hours from Thailand’s capital Bangkok. It has a reputation for being the capital of sex tourism in the whole of Asia.

Pattaya city is the capital of nightlife of Thailand. The city has more than the Walking Street. It has different attractions and vibes suitable for different visitors to the city. The Walking Street is a street with most shops being bars with sexy dancing girls. A new visitor to the city is offered a drink by girls and who request for a dance on the bars.

Visitors to the Walking Street are not only older men as many people would imagine looking for services from the girls. There are also many young curious tourists who just come to enjoy the show. It is visited by guests from across the whole world. The best thing is that the street of equipped with many cameras and visitors can use them to take pictures of the panorama it offers.

When looking for a memorable thing about Pattaya City, then consider the Walking Street in which there is too much to do and see. The street is densely packed that you can spend the whole week there but still find new things and places every evening. Additionally, you will have a mother of every hangover.

In Pattaya City, there is every street for the kind of nightlife that one desires. There are streets for gay clubs, cabaret shows and other nightlife that you could dream of. And the streets have all forms of entertainment.

If you think about Pattaya City, one of the first things which pop into your thoughts is the nightlife scene of the city. Partygoers who have never experienced the nightlife scene in Pattaya City are missing out an incredible experience in the world.



Even if you have heard people talk about unforgettable experiences in New York City, London, and Las Vegas, nothing can really match the amazing nightlife in Pattaya’s Walking Street in our experience and opinion. The city has a reputation of girly bars as well as go-go bars. Visitors enjoy expertly produced cocktails, world-class cuisines, live music, and cabaret shows.

Some visitors book a 3-week holiday to the city to experience the nightlife scene, but they never get enough of what the city has to offer. The city has the chicest and modern nightclub experiences in the Walking Street. It also has thousands of live music venues, beer bars, go-go bars plus much more.

The Pattaya nightlife scene typically has something for almost everyone. It does not matter if you are a single man or married but looking to solidify your love life. You can visit go-go bars with friends and cause absolute chaos. There are even places that are set specifically to cater for gay visitors. The workers in most bars and hotels are super friendly.

Visitors looking for the most fun and popular Pattaya Thailand nightlife spots should settle on the Walking Street. It offers the ultimate nightlife experience for holidaymakers wanting for a quick course on the nightlife in Pattaya City.

Other popular areas worth exploring when you are looking for a different experience include the beach road including Soi 6, 7, and 8. For example, the Soi 6 area epitomizes the Pattaya nightlife for adult fun. It has the most shameless and brazen bars in Pattaya Thailand. Previously, Soi 6 was known as an afternoon bar zone but has since changed. It buzzes throughout the night. It is popular for the ladyboy bars. On the other hand, Soi 7, as well as 8, have the cheapest drinks.

When in the city, there are several other affordable nightlife zones that foreigners can frequent. These include Soi LK Metro where a visitor can get an affordable breakfast in the morning. Some places along Soi LK Metro remain open throughout the day and night. The LT Metro zone is less hectic as compared to the Walking Street. It provides local and international visitors with an opportunity to experience the other side of Pattaya city without the craziness. Its traffic is not so closed meaning you do not have to take much care when navigating the Pattaya streets after enjoying a few drinks.

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While in the city, there are several hotels and cuisines where a visitor can have a more relaxed evening. While at the city’s restaurants, you can enjoy fine meals and drinks in a more subdued atmosphere. Most of the hotels have live music some that play western rock music. Tourists can enjoy the evening while listening to the cool music. Some bars are also cool, and visitors can enjoy the jovial and quite atmosphere especially during the day. However, in the evening, bands may set in the same bars. In the evenings, most bars are livelier with loud music, plenty of girls and cheap beers.

Besides plenty of beers and girls, while in the city, a visitor can purchase cheap clothes, souvenirs and jewelry from thousands of independent merchants. Merchants do not set fixed prices for their wares. A visitor may utilize barter trade system with merchants. Therefore, if you are after presents which you will take home to family and friends, then visit the stalls in the evening while in Pattaya City is worth it. You will get fake branded clothing or replicas of Thai artifacts. You can also purchase costume style jewelry which you can take to your family after having fun in the city.

As can be seen, words cannot easily explain the fantastic nightlife scene in Pattaya City. It is an experience that one cannot believe. Whether you are searching for a good place to party the night away or some companionship, this is the place. If you are looking to meet and make new friends, or dance the night away, Pattaya Thailand is the ultimate venue across the world. Here, you can enjoy all types of drinks while in several go-go bars in the city.

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